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What we provide ?

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Use CI best practices and tools to build custom pipelines for your development processes. We will make yours application deployments fast and often.

Cloud & Services Management

We offer wide cloud expertise for AWS, Azure, VMware, ProxMox and more. We have implemented cloud architectures such as (public, private, on-premises and hybrid) and can create a custom solution to suit your needs.

Infrastructure monitoring

Using best monitoring tools to prevent outages and optimise resources. We provide 24/7 incident response. Our support team will react and solve the problem in the shortest time.

Successful Teamwork

Using collaboration together with your team, we create full automation DevOps as Service and support at all stages.

About US

Highlight strong operations solutions with Agile application lifecycle management techniques and tools.
DevOps culture in our souls. We gather deployment gears for you.

We started DevOps Gears with real mission: to cover the entire range of DevOps Services such as Software Deployment, Workflow automation, Systems scalability and elasticity, Highlight infrastructure implementation and support, Workload and Release management.

We know how to make your application deployment be fast, stable and frequent.

Leverage our professional experience to implement different kind of solutions, either for small startups or large companies.

Using our services you will get all services, just like hire DevOps on full time in team would, only for lower costs.

We are confident that you will like to work with us. Don't hesitate to contact us, just make request and you’ll get best offer from us.

  • Using best software build practice with tools such as Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, etc.

  • Providing 24/7 monitoring of services, tools, and check the availability of infrastructure resources with notifications.

  • Helping small and big companies to adopt DevOps culture and make their software delivery in the right and effective way.

  • Using our services you will reduce costs for automation in your business.


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