DevOps Consulting: Maximize the Benefits of Agile Delivery

DevOps consulting is hot. It’s become a sizzling buzzword in the IT world, from Software Development to Testing, QA through IT Operations. We’ve been hearing a lots about DevOps and how you get there. So what are the benefits you can gain by adopting a DevOps strategy? Let’s have a close look at few of them.

Better customer experience and satisfaction

The main aim of DevOps is to deliver a flawless software to its end users at a much faster pace, driving top line benefits from better customer experience and increased revenue opportunity. The ultimate goal is to become more efficient and agile in general, and this spans from everything from driving greater productivity from your IT workforce to subsequent benefits in operating expenses, but in the end it all goes to better and deeper engagement with customers by creating highly useful applications in a more responsive manner. If digital transformation is the endgame in meeting customer needs and growing the business, DevOps is the perfect vehicle to allow you to get there.

Breaking down the silos

There are many tactical benefits of DevOps consulting for any business, but taking the long view, we believe the biggest benefit is proving that self-organizational approach can easily break down the silos that usually result in organizational models. DevOps single most important bottom-line advantage is to actually getting self-organization to work across organizational lines.

Aligning IT and your business

DevOps primary objective is to create empathy throughout the teams of an organization as this helps bring business value to the foreground of all depts., especially IT. Each effort put forth has been designed to shorten loops, feedback, focus on improvements, and above all, put wants and needs of end user above everything else. This line of thinking means better efficiency towards innovating newer services and products and the agility to change on a dime with competition and markets. This will help create happy and loyal end users and a innovative and successful company.

Enabling the business

DevOps consulting is all about enabling the business. Look at the success achieved by large cloud hosting services………Facebook, Amazon, Google, Etsy, Netflix, etc, most of them might not be using the term DevOps internally, but all that they’ve done is a rethink of entire IT supply chain (process, people, culture and technology) to improve overall business performance mainly with respect to speed, but also achieving significant reduction in cost of supporting the business as well as strong emphasis on continuous innovation.

Digital transformation

Today, every industry is turning digital to improve its efficiency. This means, using innovative technology (Iot, mobile, connected cars, etc) to deliver digital service that improve employee productivity and enhance customer experience. At the center of all these digital services is software. DevOps consulting is necessary to ensure speedy delivery of digital services with highest quality. The bottom line advantage of DevOps is that it is foundational element of successful digital transformation.


The reason why some of the best companies have adopted DevOps is that they need to operate like smaller companies while ensure the delivery of large company results. In this age of fierce competition where the distance between success and failure (think PayPal vs. famous Lehman Brothers) may be small as a few useful features released just few days earlier, the innovation driven by velocity and agility have now become business-not-technical-imperatives.

Velocity-incorporating feedback

DevOps allows you to obtain consistent feedback and incorporate it more expeditiously into your application development. This leads to better customer satisfaction and increased revenues. In this digital era, customer needs evolve rapidly and they cannot wait endlessly to incorporate suggestions. So turnaround needs to be much faster and seamless, which requires businesses to change their processes, tools and culture.

Visibility to build, run and then secure all modern apps

Many surveys in the past have shown that companies successfully implementing DevOps tools and practices are likely to experience high growth in market share, profitability, and productivity goals. The single most reason to adopt DevOps is the gain of visibility to build and run secure modern applications. Organizations will be able to leverage centralized log management and some real-time machine analytics throughout software delivery lifecycle to enable real time business insights and applications. This in turn will help companies transform their business and derive more value faster.


DevOps consulting makes it possible for teams to deliver innovation at a much faster rate. Innovation is key to successful digital transformation. It’s important for organizations to remove obstacles that impede productivity and streamlines processes that may artificially delay time to market. So DevOps actually helps businesses to accelerate the delivery of quality software to better address various customer needs.

Software quality and stability

For IT development companies that have embraced DevOps everyone in the team is responsible for building and then running an application that works as expected. So, entire team shares identical goals on quality: user experience, performance, security, stability and even time to market. The DevOps principles ensure every single factor is closely monitored, and every change is understood by all, and everybody in the team understands how each release impacts quality.

Low risk of change

Traditionally, change has been the biggest factor responsible for most operational issues in IT sector. The only way to reduced change is by slowing down delivery processes with numerous reviews, assessments, and approval workflows. However, today change is important to deliver agility and speed expected from IT by organizations. Seamless transition to DevOps consulting and automation of entire change lifecycle from build to run as one single integrated end-to-end process can minimize risks associated with changes while actually accelerating pace of changes.

Better productivity

If done properly, any company, from small to large, can easily improve developer and QA productivity dramatically. DevOps is actually a culture of working as a team and working fast. It requires a rethink of availability of staging servers, QA automation, ways to divide tasks between Dev QA and ops, and so on. The impact is profound and improvement is visible everywhere, from rapid turnarounds and improved processes throughout the enterprise.

Saving money and time

DevOps consulting focuses on performance throughout the lifecycle-not just the initial testing phase- so DevOPs consulting teams can prevent various bugs from getting deeply baked onto the products, when they become too cumbersome to fix. This way, costly and excessive work is avoided, paving way for highly engaging and satisfying user experiences. This leads to improved profitability and competitive edge.

Our DevOps Gears consulting team leverages monitoring, collaboration, automation, tool-chain pipelines and Cloud adoption. With our service, you can be sure of rapid on-boarding of applications by automating all end-to-end delivery pipelines and facilitating continuous integration and development across all leading cloud platforms.

With our superior DevOps consulting, we help startups and enterprises align their operations and development to achieve better efficiency, better quality of software and faster time to market, with early identification of issues, letting the code to be in releasable state always.

Our DevOps consulting expertise includes:

• One click deployments and rollback
• Centralized Log Management
• Configure Automated Alerts
• Infrastructure Security
• Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
• Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
• Disaster Recovery
• Collaboration with Dev and QA team
• Performance Optimization and Stress Testing

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